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Organic Membrane Systems
Our Organic Membrane Systems have been utilized progressively for the generation of "unadulterated" waters from crisp water and seawater. Film forms are likewise being connected in process and wastewater frameworks.
Anode System
Our Anode System is the fundamental segment of a galvanic cathodic assurance (CP) framework used to shield covered or submerged metal structures from erosion. They are produced using a metal compound with a more "dynamic" voltage than the metal of the structure.
Oil Water Separation Equipment
Our Oil Water Separation Equipment is a bit of hardware used to isolate oil and water blends into their different parts. This can be intended to treat an assortment of contaminants in water including free gliding oil, emulsified oil, and suspended solids.
Tubular Anode Cell
This new Tubular Anode Cell comprises of a more powerful best top outline and enhanced inner changes, offering better electrical contact and less limitation on the anolyte return stream. Also, an enhanced plan of the polypropylene external monitor is accessible.
Arc Anode Cell
Our Arc Anode Cell has the benefit of having a thin electrolyte layer. This enormously decreases the ohmic misfortune credited to the electrolyte thickness, which empowers bring down working temperature and higher execution.
Flat Anode Cell
Our Flat Anode Cell is a cathode through which the traditional current goes into a spellbound electrical gadget. This appears differently in relation to a cathode, a terminal through which traditional current leaves an electrical gadget.
Magnetic Filter
Our Magnetic Filter is the best methods for expelling issue ferrous particles from mechanical liquids, for example, coolants, greases and wash arrangements. It can expel 100% of ferrous particles including sub-micron particles from the procedure,
Pressure Filter
The offered Pressure Filters are utilized in industry in inclination to gravity channels. The main thrust that can be provided by weight or vacuum is significantly more prominent than gravity, in this way allowing higher filtration rates.

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